We partner with sports organisations, teams and individuals, and Elm sports media training helps develop the skills required to excel with the media.

Our sports media training consultants are professional sports journalists with outstanding credentials. We understand sport and know exactly how sports people can maximize opportunities.

Young players & athletes: If you're about to be plunged into the spotlight for the first time, sports media training will help you get to grips with the media agenda and your role within it. Most importantly, it will help you to prepare and feel comfortable in the media glare in order to effectively represent yourself and/or your club/team.

Experienced sports people: We'll help you to continue to build your public following and maximize sponsorship potential by refining your media communication skills, including effective handling of "off-pitch" stories.

Teams and clubs: Sports media training will provide the means to enable you to unify key messages and build the club/team brand and profile.

Sports communications departments and sports bodies: We'll help you to improve your media relations and manage the news agenda more pro-actively. In particular, we'll work with you to develop schedules of media activity to create positive coverage.

Sports professionals looking for a second career: We'll provide you with career guidance and help you to develop the skills required to succeed as a reporter, print journalist, commentator or presenter.